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As a professional optical company which has worked in optical field for 30 years, we have committed to medical magnifying glasses, medical lamp and medical camera system.

With a corporate objective to be a leading company in the medical optics, our company has developed and improved constantly to keep the pace with the development of medical techniques and medical system.

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President of Crystal Optic
Hyo Jin, Park

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Corporate Philosophy

1. Value Creation

For the quality of items, a company should do its best to enhance the value.
To do this, the purpose should be accomplished focusing on the market research, creativity, strong drive and noticeable effects.

2. Specialty Reinforcement

The worker's professionalism is important.
For the competitiveness of SurgeLoup, all employees should do their best for professional education and self-improvement. Based on the professionalism, the specialty reinforcement can be accomplished.

3. Development of Responsibility

Responsibility is a necessary element to an expert. Responsibility makes an expert maintain their reputation. Absence of responsibility or morality should be avoided.

We make efforts for value creation, specialty reinforcement and development of responsibility.